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Let Us Guide You to a Healthier Lifestyle

Are you ready to make great lifestyle changes? Health and wellness coaching can help you reach your goals and feel fantastic. Symmetry Massage offers non-invasive diagnostic methods and holistic health assessments, professional consultations and expert guidance to assist you in making long-term changes related to exercise, healthy eating habits and stress management. Whether you just need one consultation or full support, we are here to help.


Decades Of Experience And Centuries Of Knowledge Applied For You

We bring decades of experience and knowledge from modern Naturopathic discoveries, knowledge from centuries of natural practices compiled by many traditions and modalities as well as a deep knowledge of physiology, pathology and a vast range of supporting products to help you achieve the very best results.

Quick Consult

A quick consult is for clients who have conducted an initial consult and are on a treatment plan with Symmetry or with another practice and don't want/need a full consult or follow up, but need a herbal remedy for a known or common issue

Key Benefits :

  • Get a rapid assessment, diagnosis and recommendations/and or guidance provided from the comfort of your home via tele health service.

  • Quickly get the herbal remedies you need without an hour long consult, while still getting peace of mind know that there is strict adherence to protocol to ensure that there are no contraindications to this process for you

Non-Invasive Full Body Check-Up & Plan

Our comprehensive and non-invasive health assessments reveals more than other diagnostic methods, and yet they only involve observing, studying and interpreting the iris and sclera in your eyes. This assessment provides you with a holistic understanding of your health picture, which can help you take action.

Key Benefits :

  • Detect early signs of developing illnesses

  • Clarity on what you need to do to improve your health

  • Reveal your strengths and vulnerabilities

  • Detect changes in your body that if left unnoticed could result in major illness

Detoxification Programs

We offer a range of naturopathically informed detoxification treatments aimed to bring your body back to balance, and help you heal a range of major health conditions

Our naturopath Patricia Ribas operates from our Maroubra practice, uses non-invasive body check-ups to understand your needs, then tailors her signature detoxification programs to supercharge your healing. Helping you achieve the highest possible level of vitality and address any health issues you are suffering from.

Book a free discovery call below to see if these programs are right for you

Key Benefits :

  • Remove heavy metals from your body

  • Remove gall stones

  • Lose significant amounts of weight safely

  • Activate your bodies natural healing potential that science is only now beginning to understand

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

Massage and Naturopathy Maroubra NSW

Get Well, Stay Well and Take Control

Symmetry Wellness is your go-to massage and holistic wellness practice servicing clients from Coogee, Maroubra and other Sydney suburbs, providing tailored treatments, natural remedies and coaching to promote your health.

We specialise in remedial and pregnancy massage, and Natural healing methods and products.

Our experienced team will tailor remedial massages, treatments and natural medicine to your unique condition and circumstances and provide education that will put you in the driver's seat of your health and well-being.

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

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