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FAQ - Do you provide health fund rebates

All of our Diploma qualified therapists provide health fund rebates 

All Cert IV therapists are unable to provide health fund rebates

The “Meet Our Team” section of our website lists our therapists and shows who do and do not provide health fund rebates

Also, when selecting a therapist on our booking system, their profiles also show who do and do not provide health fund rebates so that you always know what you are getting

FAQ - What are your opening hours

We are open from 8:30am to 7:00pm, 7 days.

FAQ - Can I purchase a package using my health card?

1. It isn't possible for us to sell packages under a heath card through the EFTPOS terminal for instant rebates. The national health rebate systems only permit the processing of a single appointment at a time for massage.

2. While we can do a rebate estimate in clinic for a single treatment, it's not possible to do a rebate estimate on a 3 or 5 pack for the reasons above and because every health fund and package is different.

3. What you can do is buy the 3 pack, and then we can process the rebate after each appointment.

We have to do this after the appointment has been had by you, as it's actually considered fraud for us to write a health fund receipt for a gift card or pre-purchased appointment, as there is no guarantee that it would be used by the policyholder.

FAQ - Do you allow purchasing a gift voucher using a health fund?

Unfortunately, no as the practice or our therapist can lose our license to trade or to provide health fund rebates for taking that action. Some clinics do take the risk, but we do not think it is worth it in the long term for our clients, our therapists, or our business.

The only time we do that is if the client is purchasing a gift voucher for themselves or for someone on their same health fund (e.g. a spouse).

 But the rebate is only processed after the massage is taken by the purchaser, spouse or someone who also shares the same heath fund card.

Note that we need to check the health fund card before we can do this, and the card must be in the name of the person receiving the treatment.

FAQ - How do i redeem an appointment gift card?

Email the gift card to and in the email include the date and time of the appointment you want it applied to.

Also bring the printed gift card in with you or show the gift card on your phone (in case there are any troubles with email deliver or receipt on that day).

FAQ - How much do your services cost and what are the associated late cancel/no show fees

Our prices can be found on our pricing page

Our cancellation fees can be found on our terms and conditions page

FAQ - Are you open on public holidays?

This can vary, check our Google business page or our availability via the booking app on our website to see our public holiday availability

FAQ - What is your cancellation policy/terms of services

That information can be found on our website at the bottom of the page and under  “Terms and Conditions”

Here is the Link in case you need to read out specific information to clients

FAQ - What are the benefits of our get well program

The get well program has a range of 14+ benefits to address a range of chronic health issues (listed below).

Ask what illness/health issue they are grappling with, then read out 1 or two of the ones that apply.

Then ask if they would like you to book in a discovery session to find out how the service can assist with their specific health concern. 

  • Understand your health profile both from a western and natural medicine perspective, providing a holistic and broad ranging understanding of your health, so you can take proactive life changing action.

  • Understand your body composition, arming you with more information to get the best out of your investment in your health

  • Reset your nervous system, release muscular and joint tension, heal latent trauma in the body improve blood flow, lymphatic flow to enable rapid and lasting detoxification of your entire body

  • Re energise your body at a cellular level to increase the rate and depth of detoxification  

  • Rebalance your hormones to realign mood & emotions and regulate bodily functions

  • Clean and heal your body in the cellar level and further energise your system with no effort, speeding up recovery from injury and healing illness by orders of magnitude.

  • Amplify the impact and duration of massage sessions benefits  

  • Address and manage specific personal issues effectively with your individually crafted herbal blend and avoid physiologically taxing pharmaceuticals

  • Reverse your cellular age, rebuild your genetic structure to stay young, energetic, and disease free. Best of all, we help you arrange a date and time and help you keep your promise to yourself to put your health and well-being first.

FAQ - Can you put me on a waitlist?


FAQ - Can your therapists treat my issue?

Our Massage therapists are a mix of Diploma qualified, and cert IV qualified practitioners who are professionally taught to treat a range of problems, with the Diploma qualified therapist being more experienced in pregnancy and myofascial release massages 

Our more experienced practitioners have dealt with a range of issues in clinic including severe multiple scleroses, muscular and skeletal issues, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, TMJ, Sciatica, tennis elbow to name a few

If our practitioners are not familiar with your specific condition, they will conduct the necessary research to provide the best possible care. If we are unable to provide treatment, we will recommend an alternative care provider, or alternate modality

FAQ - How do i choose the right therapist?

All of our therapists are qualified and have great ratings amongst our clients, so I don't think you can go wrong from a capability point of view.

Massage is very personal, though, so it's difficult to say. There are three main ways we've seen new clients generally select a therapist, they either:

  • Read through the profile and select the one that best matches their desired focus area or specialisation or

  • Read through the profile and select the therapist that best matches the personality they gel with

  • Go with a therapist that someone they know referred them to

  • Go with a therapist that we recommend based on their needs

FAQ - Do you have Hi-Caps?

We have a similar service to Hi-Caps called Health point.

Health point allows our Diploma qualified therapists to provide on the spot health fund rebates for all major health funds except HCF and Latrobe.

If for whatever reason the terminal is down, our therapists will provide a manual receipt which can be redeemed through your health fund either online or over the phone

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Our experienced team will tailor remedial massages, treatments and natural medicine to your unique condition and circumstances and provide education that will put you in the driver's seat of your health and well-being.

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

Refer a friend and give them the gift of healing plus a fantastic deal on something they will love

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